Isn't she just beautiful??
I can't wait to get enough of these blooms to put together a gorgeous bouquet for inside the house. I've never had peonies before and they're pink to boot!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend with lots of sunshine, BBQ's, and memorable moments with friends and family!

P.S. Here is a bouquet I put together later...


annewithane65 (Kim) said...

Very peonies haven't even bloomed yet...hopefully soon...I just love them!

Have a great holiday weekend, Anita!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

That's beautiful! I just brought in a bouqet a couple of days ago..... the scent is heavenly!
(mine are pink and white w/pink :)

Debbie Egizio said...

Hi Anita,

The flowers are gorgeous. Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving such sweet comments about my kitchen. I'll be back to visit your pretty blog.


Kim said...

Oh wow. Roses AND Peonies! Gorgeous.

applsonastick said...

They are my favorite flower, I just adore them. Sadly they will not grow here in the desert.

KARA said...

I have really enjoyed reading your blog today, I love the home tour that is so cool, I would love to do something like that, I have always wanted to be an interior designer, so I am so noisy when it comes to other houses, so thanks.
These peonies are gorgeous.

Mariella said...

I have peonies. are beautiful. Here are scarce. congrat.