National Pie Day

was Friday, January 23rd. When I heard that, I couldn't resist doing an old-fashioned pie social. I sent homemade invitations out immediately and began pulling out the vintage aprons and tablecloths I had.
The following pictures aren't that great - we had a grey day and the only way to get a decent picture was by using the flash. Of course I didn't get as many pics as I'd hoped either.
My hubby, a landscaper, brought home little potted primroses that I used for centerpieces. I was originally going to use fresh cut flowers, but with a tiny budget, I thought these were pretty cute! I added vintage black and white photos found at thrift stores, vintage (and not so vintage) pie recipes, and some pie trivia to each centerpiece.
I asked ladies to bring their recipes and some showed up with their vintage cookbooks - how fun!

We had 27 people and 15 pies (2 showed up after these pics were taken). I told them they could double up if they wanted to. I imagined we'd have 10 apple pies or something like that, but I'm delighted to say that not one was the same! We had something for every taste bud - cream pies, fruit pies, chocolate pies, etc. I shouldn't have been worried because even if we'd had 10 apple pies, I realize now that each one would have still been different. I doubt anyone makes the same thing the exact same way.It's the first time I've ever done something that big without help from somebody so I was a nervous wreck. Thanks to the pie bakers and a couple of helpers (a whipped cream maker and Coralie who let me use some vintage recipes and a picture of her sweet mother) it was a wonderful success! It was the perfect pick-me-up to a grey January day!

Thrifting Once Again

These don't exactly go on the blue wall (ignore the bad trim job), but that's where they are for now. I think these are the sweetest vintage prints! They say "Printed in England". Close up, you can tell they're old - even the frames. They are backed with crackly, peeling old paper. I suppose they must be redone to preserve them, but I even love that feature! They're both approximately 11" x 14". I thought about repainting the yellow and pale green frames, but can't bring myself to do that - at least not yet.

The Tryst
Good Night
Aren't they romantic?

Feeling Blue

. . . in a good way! I never considered myself much of a blue person. With the start of a new year, I was looking for change in my kitchen. Something new. I've noticed lately that I've been drawn to calming blues and greens. There's something about them. So I decided to go around the house and gather whatever I could find that is blue, especially the aqua blues. Do you ever do that? It's amazing what can be pulled together to change a look completely. I think that's why I love a white, neutral backdrop so much (besides the happy, cheerfulness of it). Accessories can be changed out in a heartbeat!
Here's what I came up with, and I love how it looks all put together!
A thrift store painting taken out of it's brown frame. I'll paint and use the frame for something else.
A cupcake book page that I often turn to because I adore the perfect blue/green shade of frosting!
A pretty sachet with vintage lace and a rhinestone button.
A vintage ironstone glass lid with blue tint. I didn't realize ironstone came in clear like this until someone told me. I thought all ironstone was white.
An egg
Tissue paper
A feathered friend (sorry it's blurry)
Glitter, of course!
$2 garage sale find - still works!
Jones soda - yum!
Ball jars - two from my mom and two thrifted - love 'em!
Vintage tin
I had added these white lights over the kitchen window. I enjoy how it makes the dishes sparkle and shine. It adds some much-needed winter cheer to our space.

Now I'm considering myself more of a blue person. It's such a calming and peaceful color, and you can put lots of different shades together, and it still looks good. I absolutely love how it looks against the white, especially in winter. So frosty! I'm sure it's going to be in my kitchen for a very long time. It'll look great in the summer with some apothecary jars filled with seashells and pillar candles in hurricanes filled with sand. I cannot wait!