Gingerbread House

Be still, my heart. . . . .

If I could truly indulge myself right now, this would be what I'd buy. Isn't it grand? I collect gingerbread items over the holidays (it's the only time I can seem to find them). I fell head over heels in love with this. I just know it would look beautiful perched on our ginormous fireplace mantel. It's the perfect piece and properly proportioned for it! In fact, I think I'd be tempted to leave it up year round.

Sorry for the HUGE delay in posting here on my little ol' blog. It's been sorely, sadly neglected. I want to thank the sweet ladies who have commented and emailed me to encourage me to keep it going. THANK YOU in a huge way! You have no idea how uplifting those comments/emails were.

I made a little comment on someones blog that it's hard to keep going sometimes and I was tempted to just delete this little blog. But I hate to say goodbye and can't imagine just zapping all of my hard work away in just an instant. I know I'd come to regret it. So here I am, almost two months without a single peep from me. I felt fresh out of blogging ideas. Half the time here in WA, the lighting is too yuck to take a decent picture. I also feel like my decorating style has taken a turn. A good turn, but a turn nonetheless. And at the same time, my inner decorating self feels frustrated that it's being caged up in a dark, dreary old craftsman home (don't get me wrong, I like old and craftsman - just not dark) when it wants to lighten up and cheer up so terribly much. We would, but it's not ours to do that with - we're only renting till we find our dream place.

I hope I didn't lose every single one of my dear readers. . . . .

On a much happier note -
Welcome Autumn!