Cheesy Plastic Flowers

That is how the EBay seller described the sweet bunch of flowers on top of this little wicker tote. Okay, they may be cheesy, but I adore them! They are something my grandma would have had in her house somewhere so I'm drawn to their "cheesiness". I think this is the cutest little purse/tote. Wouldn't it be fun to pack your lunch in to take to work? I don't have a job outside of being a stay-at-home mom, but if I did....don't you think I'd be the envy of every woman there? If I was brave enough, I'd use it as my purse.

I tried a Martha Stewart recipe for Raspberry-Almond Blondies. Turned out a bit dry and a tad too tart for me. I should have taken it out sooner and sprinkled more sugar on top, or something.
I've started collecting a few pieces of this green apple blossom depression glass. Love it! My mom bought me a gorgeous set of vintage French Haviland Limoges china at Christmas time and these will coordinate perfectly! I'll show them to you sometime. They're still wrapped in tissue paper until I find a proper place to display them or clean out the built-in hutch that's full of other dishes.

We took the little ones to meet their teacher's today. School starts next week! We also have a sophomore in the house. You know what that means - driving! YIKES!

Enjoy the last holiday weekend of the summer!

Ode to the Climbing Roses

...or not!
The title just sounded sophisticated and beautiful. Alas, I am not one to compose beautiful lyrics.

I'm ready for fall, but I will sure miss these beauties that grow along the picket fence out front.

Bring on the sweaters and boots!

Inexpensive Art

A calendar page + metal scrapbook frame from Michaels at 50% off = $5 total.

I love it!

This particular calendar had so many cute pages that go with my decor, I've thought about making a collage of them on one wall. Maybe that's too busy, too much.


A couple of local cottages that I think are so adorable. I just want to walk up to their doors and ask if I can have a tour inside. I just know the insides are as cute as the outsides!

Have you ever done that - ask if you can look inside?

Blog Buddies

Is it May??? Surely it is, for it feels like my birthday! When I received this package in the mail, I could hardly believe my eyes! I had received an email from this fun, darling gal asking if she could send me a little something she'd found while thrifting that reminded her of me and all because I'd left her a comment on her new blog. Wow, what a sweetie pie!
I was overwhelmed at all the generosity and pretty things she sent my way!! Four of these oh so darling strawberry mugs (love their curvy shape), two of these beautiful strawberry plates, four of the yummiest smelling strawberry candles (I keep picking them up - sniff, sniff), and the softest, prettiest, vintage strawberry tablecloth ever. You'd have to see it in person to know how beautiful it is.
Love the theme, Kelli! You do know me rather well, already.
But why should I have been amazed by her? 'Cause you can totally tell how awesome she is just by her blog...her personality just bubbles over! Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!! By the way Kelli, I hope your family is doing much better! XOXO