A Flower Pot

I was looking around for a place to put this cute gingham pot when I spied my utensils sitting in a boring canister. What a fun idea to use the pot for them - at least until I can plant some herbs in it for the kitchen. I might have to use another one. I love using things for a different purpose than it was intended for! It also helps things look more cottage-y.

The Happiest Pillows On Earth

Vintage buttons, vintage chenille, vintage feed sack fabric, sweet cherries and strawberries, red checks, roses, polka dots - what more could a girl ask for?!?
These beautiful, down-filled pillows were found on eBay here. If you ever buy something from her, it's guaranteed to be of the best quality! Darling Barbara puts the prettiest details into these huge, fluffy pillows! I'm loving them to pieces and can't wait to switch them around to different combinations wherever they are in the house. They can be flipped to the backs and mixed and matched with fronts and backs combined. I love how she thought of me when making these so that I could do that! What a sweetie....and she always throws in a little surprise. This time it was one of her signature sachets (yum!) and some Cath Kidston tissues. I'm the #1 CK fan so of course that was right up my alley!





Toodles. . . . I'm off to find happy homes for my new pillows!

A New Blog for You

You must visit this sweet gal and her beautiful blog! She has the most fun and upbeat personality. She's also a girl after my own heart - thrifting and antiquing! What a doll... Can't wait to visit her again! Oh, and she lives in my dream place - the East Coast.

Have a fabulous Friday!!

I'm planning a 4th of July BBQ Country Living style and I'm wanting to fill paper sacks with homemade Cracker Jacks. Any great recipes out there?

Putting a Room Together

Little by little...

A new (to me) chippy white telephone stand. Love the versatility of it - it could even stand in as a plant stand.

A sweet Goodwill find last week. I'm thinking of painting the frame.

A big red gingham bow to cutesy up the plain white shade.

A vintage tablecloth/runner that I'm thinking of making into a cute window curtain with some pompom trim. The only thing is that this most adorable grandma/grandpa couple look "faceless". Until you see it up close - then you can see their features. Maybe I should embroider their faces in - or do I leave it as it is? Don't want it to look garish if the embroidery stands out too much. I actually like it in the 'as is' vintage shape it's in. What do you think?

I want the curtain to be for this window - possibly on just the bottom half. Like my newly painted upper wall? It adds way more pizazz than the solid white did. I think a cute curtain will tie this little nook together so well.

And this - it's a coaster. But it has my dream sink on it. Someday....

Have a most wonderful summer!