Pretty Little Things

Yesterday, I decided to get out of the house for an hour or two. We've been pretty much home bound for the last week due to a lot of snow. When wandering through a fun shop, I found these sweet little puffy hearts and couldn't resist them. Who can resist vintage quilt fabric, ticking, hearts, and tinsel stars? They were made as ornaments, but I think these sweeties will stick around through Valentine's Day and maybe even year-round.
Beautiful winter-white roses my brother and sister-in-law brought on Christmas Day. They were in a huge vase combined with the red ones below and were absolutely gorgeous. They were needing a good trim to last longer so I separated them. Red ones for the red/white kitchen and white ones for the snow themed living/dining area.

My husband is home for the day entertaining the children out in the shop. I'm enjoying the quiet I have all to myself after a week and a half of boisterous kids home on break, prepping for Christmas Day at our house, etc. So nice to have the house to myself. **sigh**
I hope you're enjoying your holidays wherever you are today!

A Tapestry

Isn't it beautiful? It's almost 5 feet long.

I'd love to know the origin of it. It was really inexpensive at one of my favorite shops. In fact, I don't think they could have framed it for the price I paid. I would have expected it to at least be double the $$$.

It's much more beautiful in person. It has the faintest pinks and blues and greens in it. I think if I were to paint the wall the Prussian Blue I showed here, it would add so much more to it. Some winterizing around the house. Love the Wendy Addison glass glitter snowflakes. They've tarnished a bit now and add that "just right, vintage patina". All that dark wood - if only I could paint it a beautiful shade of white! Then my browns and gilded pieces would be so much prettier. Someday....(can't come soon enough!)

The last time I went to visit my Mom, she gave me these adorable (perfect shade of blue) ducks. I added a little glitter pick around their necks for some holiday bling. They are in front of a mirror so it looks like more than just the two of them. They currently reside on the top of our built-in hutch (another piece of dark wood I'd love to paint white).

Here's a view of our massive fireplace mantle. It's at least two feet deep by six feet wide and stands shoulder height (yup, I'd love to paint it white, too!). I'm wanting to paint the green walls a creamy shade of white or the Prussian Blue now.
The huge Tiffany glitter wreath I picked up at Lowe's on 50% clearance. Pictures don't do it justice! It's beautiful and fits in with the Wendy Addison snowflakes and "Winter Dreams" garland. I picked up the clear glass candle holders piece by piece from thrift stores and a few I had on hand already. With the clear twinkle lights in back and lit up at night, they glow so prettily.
I kept things in the house very simple for the most part this year.
I'm headed outside with the kids now to enjoy our Winter Wonderland! School has been cancelled so we're going to enjoy every minute of it. Then I have to get down to business and straighten up the house a bit for company tomorrow night.

Ginger Update

I know you must be sick of me talking about gingerbread, but please indulge me one last time!
I filled in the shelves a little more this year with extra finds found last year, gifts, lights, etc. Oh, and I also faced the front of each shelf with coordinating ribbons and trim. Not too happy with the top shelf, though. The ribbon was a little blah. Needs some green buttons or something. Maybe a solid red ribbon instead. I think I'll trim the vintage flashcards with some ric-rac and buttons.
I usually put all of the collected ornaments into jars, but this year I decided to display them. I looked for white garland because I think I'd like that look better, but none was to be found. I also thought of doing the white faux wreaths, but when I went back to Wal-Mart to pick a couple up, they were already gone. Maybe next year. I think the ornaments would stand out much better against white, too. Love the red and white peppermint look!

Love the cute utensil ornaments I found this year at Kmart by Martha Stewart.
I'm bummed that our Country Clutter went out of business because I could always count on a couple of gingerbread items there. But really, does it look like I need any more???
The oh so sweet ginger couple from my sis-in-law. The colors are perfect! I adore them! They sing as well when you push their hands.
No gingerbread collection is complete without a Disney castle gingerbread ornament from Disneyland! A reminder of our Thanksgiving trip.
The man who started the whole collection. He was tied onto a Christmas package from my best friend from high school. I think of her every time I see it.
Velvet ribbon and pompom trim on shelf front.
A favorite nightlight.
A fun and simple project. I had my daughter cut out a few snowflakes, I added a couple of vintage reproduction cards, gingerbread man felt garland (Martha Stewart @ Michaels) and a piece of scrapbook paper. The MERRY is a scrapbook piece as well.
Sweet little vintage pair that makes me smile every time I see it.

Gingerbread Galore

I'm hoping you can enlarge this photo. This was taken last year just before the holidays, when I pulled out my gingerbread collection. I add to it every year with a few items. I found several new (to me) things at Goodwill last year that aren't in this picture. Then my sister-in-law sent me two adorable stuffed gingerbread people that play tunes. My favorite piece is probably the cute girl teapot in the center compliments of my mom.
I wish my shelves looked this neat and orderly right now. It's already the 2nd week into December and I have yet to put out all my gingerbread. I did have my husband drag the tub upstairs from the basement, though.

We're to have our family over this year for Christmas dinner. So I think I better get a move on, especially with all the baking I want to do. The rest of the house is clean and organized, just not the kitchen. Doesn't help that we had to deal with mice twice in the past few months. It meant removing everything from the lower cupboards and washing - twice... Ugh! And in the kitchen of all places.

Can you see why this would be a wonderful addition? It's even on sale now.

Our Built-In

Bear with me with these photos. The poor lighting in our house hasn't changed a bit. Especially in this room where the built-in is. It's in the middle of the house with a little side porch off it. All the dark wood inside doesn't help and without a flash, I had to at least turn on the overhead lighting. My wish list now includes a tripod. My dad asked if I'd like his old one, so the next time I'm in AZ, I'm going to take him up on it.

My decor has taken a swing towards a European, shabby, vintage look. I'm enjoying the more sophisticated look of it with the calming muted colors of silvery blue, faded mossy green, and lots of neutral whites and browns. I like bits of silver and gilded pieces thrown in. This goes with our brown leather furniture so much better.

My fall decor was pared down this year. I love the simplicity of it. This acorn piece is one of my favorites found at a local shop. I like the glitter and velvet ribbon. It gives it a vintage flair. It's hanging from a knob on the front of our built-in.

I've enjoyed picking up vintage and reproduction milk glass and white vases, compotes, cake plates, and serving dishes this past year at our local Goodwill. They can be found for pennies. I'm thinking a light contrasting color painted on the back walls of the built-in would make the pieces pop. Hmmm...I foresee some projects this winter.
This Ralph Lauren Prussian Blue is the color I'd like to paint our walls. What do you think?I'm also having fun finding sweet little clear glass dishes.
Aren't these vintage reproduction postcards sweet? Especially with the little velvet millinery flowers and ribbons. They were also found at my local favorite shop. I missed these guys being there this last weekend. I was a bit bummed at having missed them when they were so close, but it couldn't be helped. Hopefully, I'll see them next time!
Happy Friday!!! I cannot believe November is almost over, let alone 2008!

Gingerbread House

Be still, my heart. . . . .

If I could truly indulge myself right now, this would be what I'd buy. Isn't it grand? I collect gingerbread items over the holidays (it's the only time I can seem to find them). I fell head over heels in love with this. I just know it would look beautiful perched on our ginormous fireplace mantel. It's the perfect piece and properly proportioned for it! In fact, I think I'd be tempted to leave it up year round.

Sorry for the HUGE delay in posting here on my little ol' blog. It's been sorely, sadly neglected. I want to thank the sweet ladies who have commented and emailed me to encourage me to keep it going. THANK YOU in a huge way! You have no idea how uplifting those comments/emails were.

I made a little comment on someones blog that it's hard to keep going sometimes and I was tempted to just delete this little blog. But I hate to say goodbye and can't imagine just zapping all of my hard work away in just an instant. I know I'd come to regret it. So here I am, almost two months without a single peep from me. I felt fresh out of blogging ideas. Half the time here in WA, the lighting is too yuck to take a decent picture. I also feel like my decorating style has taken a turn. A good turn, but a turn nonetheless. And at the same time, my inner decorating self feels frustrated that it's being caged up in a dark, dreary old craftsman home (don't get me wrong, I like old and craftsman - just not dark) when it wants to lighten up and cheer up so terribly much. We would, but it's not ours to do that with - we're only renting till we find our dream place.

I hope I didn't lose every single one of my dear readers. . . . .

On a much happier note -
Welcome Autumn!

Cheesy Plastic Flowers

That is how the EBay seller described the sweet bunch of flowers on top of this little wicker tote. Okay, they may be cheesy, but I adore them! They are something my grandma would have had in her house somewhere so I'm drawn to their "cheesiness". I think this is the cutest little purse/tote. Wouldn't it be fun to pack your lunch in to take to work? I don't have a job outside of being a stay-at-home mom, but if I did....don't you think I'd be the envy of every woman there? If I was brave enough, I'd use it as my purse.

I tried a Martha Stewart recipe for Raspberry-Almond Blondies. Turned out a bit dry and a tad too tart for me. I should have taken it out sooner and sprinkled more sugar on top, or something.
I've started collecting a few pieces of this green apple blossom depression glass. Love it! My mom bought me a gorgeous set of vintage French Haviland Limoges china at Christmas time and these will coordinate perfectly! I'll show them to you sometime. They're still wrapped in tissue paper until I find a proper place to display them or clean out the built-in hutch that's full of other dishes.

We took the little ones to meet their teacher's today. School starts next week! We also have a sophomore in the house. You know what that means - driving! YIKES!

Enjoy the last holiday weekend of the summer!

Ode to the Climbing Roses

...or not!
The title just sounded sophisticated and beautiful. Alas, I am not one to compose beautiful lyrics.

I'm ready for fall, but I will sure miss these beauties that grow along the picket fence out front.

Bring on the sweaters and boots!

Inexpensive Art

A calendar page + metal scrapbook frame from Michaels at 50% off = $5 total.

I love it!

This particular calendar had so many cute pages that go with my decor, I've thought about making a collage of them on one wall. Maybe that's too busy, too much.


A couple of local cottages that I think are so adorable. I just want to walk up to their doors and ask if I can have a tour inside. I just know the insides are as cute as the outsides!

Have you ever done that - ask if you can look inside?

Blog Buddies

Is it May??? Surely it is, for it feels like my birthday! When I received this package in the mail, I could hardly believe my eyes! I had received an email from this fun, darling gal asking if she could send me a little something she'd found while thrifting that reminded her of me and all because I'd left her a comment on her new blog. Wow, what a sweetie pie!
I was overwhelmed at all the generosity and pretty things she sent my way!! Four of these oh so darling strawberry mugs (love their curvy shape), two of these beautiful strawberry plates, four of the yummiest smelling strawberry candles (I keep picking them up - sniff, sniff), and the softest, prettiest, vintage strawberry tablecloth ever. You'd have to see it in person to know how beautiful it is.
Love the theme, Kelli! You do know me rather well, already.
But why should I have been amazed by her? 'Cause you can totally tell how awesome she is just by her blog...her personality just bubbles over! Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!! By the way Kelli, I hope your family is doing much better! XOXO

Thrifting Catch-Up

The following finds were found at thrift stores, antique stores, and garage sales recently. I don't usually do so well in finding these types of things, so I feel so lucky to have found all these goodies.

I've recently discovered oilcloth and found the perfect pieces yesterday in a cute strawberry print, red gingham, and green gingham. Now I'm itching to cover something with it! I'm thinking of covering some of our dining chairs here and possibly the piano bench here. I feel these oilcloth prints will go so much better with what's going on in the house right now and tie things in better. Any other ideas? I've thought of just putting it right over the existing fabric (which won't show through) and that way, if I ever want it back the way it was, it'll be easy to remove. Do you think they'll be too shiny? I know the chairs will be easy to wipe clean. The oilcloth on the piano bench would also make it easier for sliding across.

(edited to add: after writing about the oilcloth last night, I was quite pleased to find this link in my inbox this morning)

I also found the vintage Pyrex plate bordered with sweet red flowers and the perfect red napkin rings.

In this picture, you can see a pretty scalloped cake plate (?) that reminds me of vintage milk glass. Then a vintage vase which I didn't get in the picture very well, a sweet old tea towel in red and blue strawberries that will be perfect for the 4th of July, a small vintage Fire King bowl, some vintage enamel pins and a meat fork with the cutest little mushrooms on the handle. I like the old Jello molds because they're perfect for making individual tea cakes. I love the ones that look like mini bundt cakes!

My husband has an aunt in Sweden and so when I spotted this little trivet, it reminded me of her with it's pretty tulips and flowers - very Scandinavian.
This little luncheon set was found at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately the set of four was missing one of the cups, but it was too pretty to pass up. Every time I set it down thinking I didn't want it because of the missing cup, I'd turn around and go back to it. I did that several times and figured that if it was that hard to turn down, I'd better get it or I'd wish I had. The white reminds me of vintage milk glass, too. Maybe someday I'll find an orphan cup that will fit right in.
These two letters in the perfect shade of red were found at Marshall's. I love monograms and initials and always see them in black or white. When I found some in red, I couldn't say no! As I was making a quick trip down the aisles, these jumped out at me right away. I wish they'd had the first letter of our last name but alas, they didn't. So our first names will do!Vintage seed packets in the PERFECT shades of red and green. Love them!!! Now I'm on the lookout for some more. I'm thinking green peas, watermelon, strawberries, and tomatoes would be cute, too.
Of course when I saw at a garage sale a huge bag of cookie cutters for pennies, I snatched it up when I spied a few vintage ones with red and green handles. I took out the three or four I wanted and left the rest in the bag to put in the donation pile. So worth it for those few I wanted!

I've wanted a vintage milk bottle with red lettering on it for quite a while now. I just love thinking about the days when milk was delivered to your doorstep in crates. I wish they'd still do that in our area. I even checked it out, but it's not available here (yet). So the bottle was a must-have when found at the same garage sale.

I love these old hobnail lamps. I'm pretty sure my grandma had a few around her house when I was growing up. Now I wish I knew where they went. Anyway, I'm hoping my hubby can rewire this one for me. There were three of them at the yard sale we stopped by this morning. They were all different, but I liked this one best.
It's usually hit and miss for me when looking for finds like these and usually more miss than anything. Recently, however, it's been more hit and I'm loving it!