Pacific Beach

We went camping at the beach for a night. It was a last-second decision, but fun!

Planning the sandcastle.

On the hunt for castle accessories.

Our cottage... Okay, it's not, but one can dream, right?

County Fair

We took the kids to a county fair Friday night. They had a great time!

Little piggies that haven't gone to market, yet. They're adorable - but smelly!
This little guy was precious! He was sleeping with his head perched up on the fence while standing. Very talented! Wish I could do that when I need a quick nap and still feel refreshed!

And of course, what's a FAIR without a few rides?!?

Order of the Day

Strawberry Cupcakes

So yummy for our tummies...

Made a batch to take tonight to an
'All Girls Monthly Birthday Bash' about 10 of us started a few months ago!

The Doors

I picked up these vintage cupboard doors for a song at the place that went out of business before they had the big blow-out sale. I think these doors are absolutely sweet with the vintage decals of Dutch children on them. I thought maybe I'd hang them on the wall as is. Any other ideas? I still need to clean them up a bit. They're painted a pretty blue on the back. I wish I could view the backs as well as the fronts.