The Perfect Fit

Don't you love it when something works out better than you could have planned it to? I haven't hung my 2008 Gooseberry Patch calendar because I wanted it hung in the kitchen but couldn't find a good place. Then a couple of weeks ago - TaDa! The Perfect Fit - and the place had been there all along. Who knew?? Sometimes we just need to walk away and when we come back, we see things with "new eyes". This little spot under some of my open shelves was sooo perfect. Just the right size needed and all! Now I'm thinking of painting the wood frame - just not sure of the color...or maybe the contrast of the natural wood is fine.

An English Tin

It's the prettiest aqua. I store cards in it.
How fun to own something from England!
Now if only I could visit there...

Tissue Paper & Egg Cups

This pretty gingham tissue paper is perfect for a special SPRING occasion! It was found today at the thrift shop. Kinda makes me want to have a "Spring Soiree" or some such thing!
I am pondering doing a "Spring Fling" or "Welcome Spring" Cookie Swap in March. How does that sound? Normally cookie swaps are done at Christmas time, but I thought what better way to get rid of the winter doldrums (because in the Pacific Northwest - spring doesn't always mean sunny skies) and issue in spring than to have a spring-themed cookie swap!

These sweet birdie egg cups always make me smile. I usually pull them out in the spring, but I'm thinking I need to display them year-round. They're just too cute not to!!

A Birthday Tart

A raspberry linzer tart was the Birthday Boy's choice of "cake" last night. Found at the local bakery. Simply dee-lish. Happy #8!
His favorite gift of all - inheriting some of his 15 year old brother's Lego collection. The things that will make a boy happy...

Thank You

A humongous THANK YOU goes out to Amber of The Shabbee Chick who created my darling blog header and background! She is the most kind, patient person for putting up with me. Thank you Amber!! And go visit her if you're looking for a blog pick-me-up!

Next, I am in LOVE with the things I ordered from Andrea at One Hundred Wishes. Such eye candy!! They arrived the day before Valentine's Day. What a great gift (to myself)! I can't wait to create things with these pretties. The flashcards are even better in person - I didn't realize they're miniature versions. So cute!! The jars were wrapped in the prettiest pink tissue paper. The colors of everything are just the yummiest.

I mentioned to my husband last night that I WISH garage sale season would hurry up and be here, and he said that he saw some sales listed in the paper already. Wow! I think I'm going to see if I can go find some this morning. Yippee! I can't wait for spring to get here...

Happy Valentine's Day!

My daughter's 7th birthday is today as well.
I took her to the local bakery and let her pick out a special treat. She decided on this yummy strawberry chocolate mousse cup. Mmmmm...
Gotta go bake the birthday cake and wrap presents.
Enjoy your day!


If this fabulous piece of real estate came up for sale, I'd be packed and moved into it in a jiffy! This vintage picture has the prettiest colors. The cottage is in the perfect setting. It even comes with darling ducks, a bridge to watch them from (or fish from) and contemplate the sweetness of life. I'm still hoping we find that perfect place, someday... Just like Tracey has found hers!
Oh, and the darling apron was found at a local antique store. It's just as sweet - so soft and worn.

love it, love it, love it

First Attempt

This bench was my first attempt at covering something with fabric. It was easier than I thought it would be and a tad harder in a way, too! Make sense?

My husband got this bench for me on our 3rd anniversary - it used to have a sleigh bench on top. But the top was cheaply made and didn't last long. It was hollow inside, too! However, this iron bottom has been lugged around with us everwhere for the past six years to four different houses and two moves, from WA to AZ and back to WA. I love it's scrolly design, and it's so sturdy.

I used to just set a piece of plywood (sized to fit) over the top and use it as an outside bench, end table, etc. I figured it was about time to do something with it! I couldn't make up my mind if I just wanted to have a piece of glass cut to fit for a coffee table or keep using it as a bench. I think that's what took me so long to do anything - my indecisiveness.

I found a pretty cottage-looking piece of fabric at Joann's, two thick cushions, some batting, and a new upholstery stapler. It went together really well except I couldn't get the ends to look quite right. I'll have to practice some more by redoing my dining room chairs. It really is an inexpensive way to change something!

I love how it turned out and we use it now as our piano bench (for the FREE piano we found on Craigslist). Gotta love that!!

A question for you: Is it just me or does blogger's spell check not work??

Only two more days till Valentine's Day and my six year old turns seven! Then I'll have two seven year old's for a week till the other one turns eight! Their father's birthday is in between there. So we have lots of February birthdays to celebrate!

Happy Tuesday!!


Don't you love making ordinary things into not-so-ordinary things?

Like these biscuits that go with sausage gravy.
It's just as easy to use a heart-shaped cutter as it is a plain round one.
This biscuit has homemade blackberry jam - yummmm.

These would be perfect for Valentine's Day!

Child's Play

Does this not make you nervous?? I had such a hard time relaxing yesterday, knowing that one of the kids could fall out of the tree and break an arm, leg, neck or some such thing! My husband told me I need to relax more... Ugh! They were having the time of their life, though. I just had to go do something else so I wouldn't see them.

Treasure Hunting

Don't you just love it when you feel like you've come upon a treasure trove?!?
These are what I found at our local thrift shop this week.

Love the detail on the top of this butter dish cover - at least I think that's what it is. The bottom is missing, but I'm sure I'll find something it'll fit.

The one with the missing lid will make a cute vase for a tiny bouquet.

A while back, I inherited some saucers from my maternal grandmother. Only problem was, the teacups were missing. So when I saw these four lonely teacups sitting on the shelf, I just had to get them! Especially since they match the orphan saucers. Yippee! How perfect is that!?