The Flirtation

I love this recent find of mine! Went shopping with my mom, while she was visiting from AZ over Christmas, and couldn't pass this one up. I'd already passed it up a couple of times before, but it was still there. So I had to have it!!

Very Marie Antoinette, don't ya think?!? I love it and it goes perfectly in our bedroom!


We were in desperate need of shelves in the kitchen so a couple of months ago my husband, father-in-law and son decided to make the brackets for some new shelves. I love how they turned out! And they didn't cost us anything since we already had the maple, and the metal was all scrap that my father-in-law had on hand. My 14 year old is taking welding this year and he welded these all on his own. It makes these brackets extra special!


I couldn't resist filling my kitchen jars with Valentine cookie cutters and cupcake decorating supplies. Besides, they match my red and white kitchen. Gotta love that!

Happy New Year!

As soon as Christmas is over, I cannot wait to pull out Valentine decorations! These are probably my most favorite ornaments. Just love them!

I seem to get giddy over Valentine's Day each year. Of course, it helps that we have a Valentine of our very own living here who'll be turning 7 this year!
I knew I was scheduled for a cesarean section on the 16th of February, 2001. Loving Valentine's Day as I did and knowing a day or two difference in my new baby's birth probably wouldn't be a huge thing, I asked (okay - begged) my doctor to schedule it for the 14th. He didn't answer me, just smiled. I was squealing with joy when I received a notice in the mail of my c-section schedule. Yippee!! A Valentine's Baby! I had so much fun picking out papers to make her announcements.
I'll admit, there have been a few times that I've had second thoughts about picking that particular day because I've missed out on having it to myself. But I'd have to say, it's all worth it!