We were in desperate need of shelves in the kitchen so a couple of months ago my husband, father-in-law and son decided to make the brackets for some new shelves. I love how they turned out! And they didn't cost us anything since we already had the maple, and the metal was all scrap that my father-in-law had on hand. My 14 year old is taking welding this year and he welded these all on his own. It makes these brackets extra special!


Kim ~ "HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

The bracket looks really nice! You must be so proud of your son.
Love, Kim

VAYANKEE said...

Can hardly believe that a kid that young could do a job like that!
We had to buy similar brackets for whelves for my old kitchen (hardly any cabinet space) and you really saved some money! And these look store-bought.

jenny holiday said...

Ohh WOW!!! And on top of allll the cuteness...these brackets are actually handmade??? geeez!!!


xoxo Jenny