Personally, I don't like these - wayyyy too sweet! Yuck. But I do love the colors and so I buy a little package for each kid every year. Don't think they're too keen on them, but maybe we'll try dunking them in hot cocoa or some such thing this year.

Isn't the packaging so pretty? And polka dots.

I'm thinking one of these perched on the top of a cupcake would look cute.


I like the sound of that even though the dictionary doesn't approve.

(edited to add: Okay. I thought I was being semi-original with peepcakes, but upon Googling it, I see I'm not. Bummer!)

Signs of Spring

...around the house.

**pastel cupcake liners**

**Easter sprinkles**

** daffodils**


**pastel m&m's**


What a wonderful time of year!
So glad for these signs of spring.
I'm more than ready for it this year.