A Sign

I found an adorable little metal sign when out and about the other day.

In case you can't read it, it says: A garden is a friend you can visit anytime. Isn't that lovely? Are you enjoying time in your gardens? I hope so!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Are you noticing a trend in my posts lately? Eggs, nests, birds . . . . . what can I say? They've been on my mind in creating our own little "nest" after moving into our new place.
Here's a comment my mom left on a previous post: Was thinking about our "Nests". Isn't that the way we build ours, twig by twig, each so different & yet all the same.....Home. So true, isn't it.
I encountered my first real robin's egg last Sunday. It was the prettiest shade of blue and so perfect!


Didn't these turn out so pretty this year? It was a Spring Break project for the kids.

Love these napkins! So pretty. Found at HomeGoods in Portland. Oh how I wish there was one closer to us. After purchasing these, I saw them in a local boutique for 3x the price I paid. Gotta love the discount stores!

Quail eggs that are being watched closely by my parents and some of their friends in AZ. Fifteen of them! One busy mama quail...

A Walk to the Park

Isn't this planter beautiful? I can't wait to see what it's owners plant in it. We saw it in our neighborhood on a walk to the park the other day.
Our "new" 1920 cottage. Can't wait to cutesy it up a bit more for curb appeal. Gotta hang the birdhouses the kids made, plant a few more flowers, etc.

Another neighborhood cottage. I love the look of brick. The rhododendrons will be gorgeous this summer!
Aren't walks great for seeing things we normally don't pay attention to when we drive by every day?

Leave Me a Message

I had to use the flash because this room only has one little window in it. This is a favorite message board I bought for my daughter when she was just a baby! We still need to put a few pictures on it for her. It's been fun putting the kids' rooms together in our new home and using the things I've been saving for years.

I love the quilted center, glass knobs, and salvaged wood frame. All things cottage! I think it'd be fun to have hubby make a large one sometime for over my desk. When we get a desk of our own, we'll put her cute, pink, shabby, French desk under this message board. It'll be perfect!