Our Built-In

Bear with me with these photos. The poor lighting in our house hasn't changed a bit. Especially in this room where the built-in is. It's in the middle of the house with a little side porch off it. All the dark wood inside doesn't help and without a flash, I had to at least turn on the overhead lighting. My wish list now includes a tripod. My dad asked if I'd like his old one, so the next time I'm in AZ, I'm going to take him up on it.

My decor has taken a swing towards a European, shabby, vintage look. I'm enjoying the more sophisticated look of it with the calming muted colors of silvery blue, faded mossy green, and lots of neutral whites and browns. I like bits of silver and gilded pieces thrown in. This goes with our brown leather furniture so much better.

My fall decor was pared down this year. I love the simplicity of it. This acorn piece is one of my favorites found at a local shop. I like the glitter and velvet ribbon. It gives it a vintage flair. It's hanging from a knob on the front of our built-in.

I've enjoyed picking up vintage and reproduction milk glass and white vases, compotes, cake plates, and serving dishes this past year at our local Goodwill. They can be found for pennies. I'm thinking a light contrasting color painted on the back walls of the built-in would make the pieces pop. Hmmm...I foresee some projects this winter.
This Ralph Lauren Prussian Blue is the color I'd like to paint our walls. What do you think?I'm also having fun finding sweet little clear glass dishes.
Aren't these vintage reproduction postcards sweet? Especially with the little velvet millinery flowers and ribbons. They were also found at my local favorite shop. I missed these guys being there this last weekend. I was a bit bummed at having missed them when they were so close, but it couldn't be helped. Hopefully, I'll see them next time!
Happy Friday!!! I cannot believe November is almost over, let alone 2008!


Miss Janice said...

It's all so pretty. I love the colors and I especially love the Thanksgiving cards--they are awesome! You have such a nice blog:)

Jen said...

I love that color for the walls!! Go for it!

Rochelle said...

Love the Prussian blue color....those browns, blues and creams are so soothing together. I just transformed my daughter's apartment living room with the rich chocolate brown with red accents. I wanted to do the brown and blue thing but she preferred red.
Love those vintage Thanksgiving cards too! They just don't make things like they used to!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

Hey there!
I love your collection of milk glass! :) I think that color "Prussian Blue" is a beautiful color that will look wonderful with brown. We had a similar color of blue in our living room up until this month. (Now it's a minty green.) I can't wait to see what you do! I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your acorn piece is beautiful. I love the prussian blue you want to use. I think it sounds perfect with the colors you describe. I can't wait to see more. I don't mind dark pictures:) I am having the same trouble. Pretty gloomy here too. Have a wonderful week! Twyla

Sandy said...

I love the blue you have chosen. The pretty glass dishes are nice too, but I glad to giggle as I have two of the dishes like the one in the bottom of the frame. Two I received as shower gifts 40yrs. ago. tee hee everything old is old.
Have a great day

Elizabeth B @ A Classic Pearl said...

I definitely think the Prussian Blue will a be a fabulous choice! I want to see your built-in!

Sounds like you have more luck at your thrift store than I do with milk glass! I never see any!