Ginger Update

I know you must be sick of me talking about gingerbread, but please indulge me one last time!
I filled in the shelves a little more this year with extra finds found last year, gifts, lights, etc. Oh, and I also faced the front of each shelf with coordinating ribbons and trim. Not too happy with the top shelf, though. The ribbon was a little blah. Needs some green buttons or something. Maybe a solid red ribbon instead. I think I'll trim the vintage flashcards with some ric-rac and buttons.
I usually put all of the collected ornaments into jars, but this year I decided to display them. I looked for white garland because I think I'd like that look better, but none was to be found. I also thought of doing the white faux wreaths, but when I went back to Wal-Mart to pick a couple up, they were already gone. Maybe next year. I think the ornaments would stand out much better against white, too. Love the red and white peppermint look!

Love the cute utensil ornaments I found this year at Kmart by Martha Stewart.
I'm bummed that our Country Clutter went out of business because I could always count on a couple of gingerbread items there. But really, does it look like I need any more???
The oh so sweet ginger couple from my sis-in-law. The colors are perfect! I adore them! They sing as well when you push their hands.
No gingerbread collection is complete without a Disney castle gingerbread ornament from Disneyland! A reminder of our Thanksgiving trip.
The man who started the whole collection. He was tied onto a Christmas package from my best friend from high school. I think of her every time I see it.
Velvet ribbon and pompom trim on shelf front.
A favorite nightlight.
A fun and simple project. I had my daughter cut out a few snowflakes, I added a couple of vintage reproduction cards, gingerbread man felt garland (Martha Stewart @ Michaels) and a piece of scrapbook paper. The MERRY is a scrapbook piece as well.
Sweet little vintage pair that makes me smile every time I see it.


Lady of the Mote said...

its beautiful,so very sweet

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

I can never get sick of your gingerbread and vintage pieces!! they are fabulous!!! it feels so cozy and warm visiting your blog, and I adore all your pieces too!

Happy Holidays, Cynthia

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

omg, I missed the kitchen tool ornaments, they are FANTASTIC!! I hope they still have some left, I want them :) how cute!

Rochelle said...

Such cuteness!

Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

Hi, I recently found your blog and I love the gingerbread collection. I don't know if you have a Kohl's where you live, but they have gingerbread cookie ornaments this year in the shape of letters. I bought one for each of my kids. I think you can shop online, too, from their website.

Anonymous said...

Morning! I'm stopping in from Cynthia's (cottage design)! I am sooo jealous of your gingerbread collection! I had decided to collect them for my kitchen and then couldn't find them much anymore! Guess I'm lookin in the wrong places! Your kitchen is gorgeous. Merry Christmas - Sincerely, Jeannette

texasdaisey said...

Love all your gingerbread. I have tons of them but it is so fun to see how others collections look.

Cheryl said...

You take the most wonderful pictures. You not only have a lovely knack for decorating but also for picture taking. What a talented little thing you are!! You can come repair my house decorating anytime. :)