Feeling Blue

. . . in a good way! I never considered myself much of a blue person. With the start of a new year, I was looking for change in my kitchen. Something new. I've noticed lately that I've been drawn to calming blues and greens. There's something about them. So I decided to go around the house and gather whatever I could find that is blue, especially the aqua blues. Do you ever do that? It's amazing what can be pulled together to change a look completely. I think that's why I love a white, neutral backdrop so much (besides the happy, cheerfulness of it). Accessories can be changed out in a heartbeat!
Here's what I came up with, and I love how it looks all put together!
A thrift store painting taken out of it's brown frame. I'll paint and use the frame for something else.
A cupcake book page that I often turn to because I adore the perfect blue/green shade of frosting!
A pretty sachet with vintage lace and a rhinestone button.
A vintage ironstone glass lid with blue tint. I didn't realize ironstone came in clear like this until someone told me. I thought all ironstone was white.
An egg
Tissue paper
A feathered friend (sorry it's blurry)
Glitter, of course!
$2 garage sale find - still works!
Jones soda - yum!
Ball jars - two from my mom and two thrifted - love 'em!
Vintage tin
I had added these white lights over the kitchen window. I enjoy how it makes the dishes sparkle and shine. It adds some much-needed winter cheer to our space.

Now I'm considering myself more of a blue person. It's such a calming and peaceful color, and you can put lots of different shades together, and it still looks good. I absolutely love how it looks against the white, especially in winter. So frosty! I'm sure it's going to be in my kitchen for a very long time. It'll look great in the summer with some apothecary jars filled with seashells and pillar candles in hurricanes filled with sand. I cannot wait!


Jen Kershner said...

I adore blue and it makes me happy just to look at all of yours!

Cheryl said...

You make me want to redecorate my house....but I LOVE my red to much to do that. I think that vintage tin is too, too cute. You gave me some good ideas for my guest room because the blues would tone down the dusty green. Oh...I truly adore the white bead board in the back ground of your pics. :)

Anonymous said...

Blue is the one shade that can be found in every room in my house. My kitchen has a retro vibe to it, and the colors are red & aqua. My office is done in cotton candy pink, an aqua/tiffany blue and white. My bedroom is shades of blue, white and espresso brown. The living room is also blue and brown. I also love the look of blue & white - and how if you add pink it evokes one feeling...add red, another totally different feeling...add black...totally different!


Anonymous said...

Morning Anita! I love this shade of aqua/blue too! Very peaceful and easy to live with!! I agree about white walls and my light silver grey is working too for changing colors out easily!!! I have been thinking of adding this color to my guest bath. Love the white light idea too! Have a fun day - Sincerely, Jeannette

Miss Janice said...

I love all of your blue things! I don't think I have anything blue in my home; but it's so lovely in your home.

Coastal Nest. said...

I dont think I have a blue thing in my house, I wonder why, because yours is definately making me slobber alll over the keyboard.

Thanks for the peek!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

What I love about your feeling blue post is EVERYTHING! Wow! Gorgeous shades of blue, all the ones so dear to me. Thanks for sharing!

Artsy-Craftsy Merchant said...

lovely photographs!!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Blue has always been my favorite color, but lately that beautiful aqua shade of blue has really caught my eye. I agree, it is gorgeous against white. This was a beautiful post. Twyla

Donna said...

Oh, you tease!! Now I want to see a photograph of the whole kitchen - I love all the blue/aqua pieces you've pulled together - I'm very much a "cottage blue" person myself (I describe cottage blue as any blue that I fall in love with... and I love all of your blues!!)... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

texasdaisey said...

What a great way to be blue!

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

I love all of the blue touches you have added! SO pretty! I love the old blue Ball jars, too! They look lovely how you have lined them up. :)

Have a great day! :)

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Wonderful ocean colors! I'd be very happy in that kitchen.

Kelli said...

Miss Anita I looooove the blue! So calming, so soothing, so tres chic! Love it!

Anonymous said...


I know I've commented on this message before, but I wanted you to know that I keep comin' back to look at these pictures!

Every single pic in this post is fabulous - and a great representation of the color theme.

Don't ever take this post down - even if you ever get mad at me for any reason whatsoever.