Historical Home Tour II

I am sorry for not continuing right away with the home tours - I couldn't get the pictures to load for some reason the other night. I see that they're backwards now as well. Oh well, can't win 'em all!
Here is the second home we toured. You can see the first home here just in case you missed it.
Aren't these old suitcases wonderful? I bet they store all kinds of great goodies as well. This family also seems to collect plaid items. You'll see them displayed throughout the home.
This table was full of some tempting goodies, but nope - I didn't try anything. Didn't know if they were for us to look at or sample...
Fun vintage items in this child's room.
Great boy's room! Love the wall lamps.

I think the cabinets and hood were beautiful in this kitchen. However, they seemed to almost overwhelm this little space.
I'm thinking of finding a place to put up bulletin boards like this for each of my children to display their own artwork, etc. It seems to be the one thing I accumulate soooo much of and never have a place to put (besides the poor refrigerator). See the plaid??
I'm not a huge yellow fan (I like it, but worry about tiring of it), but this home had such a lovely golden color on the walls. Great bold color with the contrasting white trim. Plaid anyone?
I want a built-in like this!
The built-in bookshelves in the living room flanking the fireplace. The picture doesn't do the beautiful windows justice. All original. See plaid on the mantel?
Have a Super Duper Tuesday! Two more days till I turn 33. Yikes!! Where does the time go?


Ele said...

That house is so gorgeous. I also like the bulleting board idea. Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy those birthday hubs from the little ones! (I have been having fun making cards)

Dana said...

Happy early birthday!


annewithane65 (Kim) said...

Another great home...I especially love the builtin. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

lucinda said...

I just love home tours. We have many here in Dallas lately. I enjoyed your pictures!