Historical Home Tour III

Come with me to tour the third house in the Historical Homes Tour...

I love the chairs and little table this family has on their patio. They go so well with the yellow house and blue door! You could tell this home was well loved and thought out with the attention to details.

Isn't this just a gorgeous dining room? Look at the ceiling! What talent!

The living room just as you entered the home. They have beautiful chandeliers throughout. I wanted to sit down and start playing the piano!

Sitting area in the master bedroom.

The man of the home told me his wife did the painting. Look at those fabulous stenciled walls. They were out of this world! The walls reminded me of flocked paper. So beautiful! And the bed...sigh....

Closeup of the walls not to mention the beautiful picture!
The blue and brown bathroom. Very elegant! Such a beautiful vanity, too.
The nautical inspired child's room in the basement.
A lucky teenager's room in the basement as well.
This was a tiny kitchen, but no less attention was paid to details. The sweet little chandelier over the sink, a small window seat (behind lady). Love the little shelves of dishes!
Thank you for coming with me! Now let's go have a bit of tea and a scone...


Lana said...

Oh how beautiful ~ and look at the clouds on the ceiling!

Thank you for taking me on the tour with you via blogland...

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Thanks for letting me tag along on your house tours!
Wonderful inspiration in this home.

I loved the bed! And the kitchen is great. Mine is even smaller (if you can imagine) and ready for a make-over. So, I'm lovin all the ideas.

Kimberly :)

annewithane65 (Kim) said...

Wow, what a lovely home...I think the whole house is great but the kitchen and bathroom are my favorites!

Southern Heart said...

What a beautiful home...I love that bed, and those chandeliers and drapes!


Ele said...

Oh, I want that bedroom! I love you house tour pictures. Such wonderful inspiration. If only I didn't have to cook, clean, run farm errands, try to sell stuff online, etc. etc. etc. I could decorate all day!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!Hope you had a wonderful day. When I was 33 my kids were 2, 11, and 9. That was 12 years ago for me.

Dolly said...

Anita I too love historical home tours!
I love ohhhing and ahhhing at others homes!
Thank you for taking us along! It was fun!!!!

Blessings, Dolly ~ From my CHERRY heart

FrenchGardenHouse said...

thanks so much for taking us on this tour!! I love that bed. LOVE it!!

It's so fun to go through other homes and see what creativity has been used, isn't it?

I am glad I found your blog, it's wonderful!!


domesticbliss said...

Hi Anita-
I just saw your comment and checked out your blog from our site/ Domestic Bliss-
I am so happy that you were able to come to the home tour- it is so fun to go through and see the detailing of all of these historic homes!
I just thought you would like to know some of the other fun things about some of these houses-

The owners of this home do ALL of the work in the house on their own- she is an amazing painter and actually does a lot of painting for us at our shop-
She painted nearly every surface and piece of furniture in her home-

Tiled all of the bathrooms/ refinished and fauxed the walls- they have done an amazing job-

by the way- the papers in my daughter's room are scrapbooking papers--- check out mystic paper's blog- www.mysticpaper.com-
they did the papering for us-

Great Blog- I need to learn how to do a better job with ours--- but check back soon- I will try to update better!!!
Best to you-