Historical Home Mini Tour

This was one of the homes on the tour. I absolutely loved the outside - so darling! And that front door....but, the inside was a bit of a letdown. I know it's a historical home and that's why it's on the tour, so maybe my expectations were misplaced. There are decorators and then there are decorators. This home did not have a decorator living within it's walls. The outside, though *sigh*. I would've loved to have moved in and made it mine. Just because the inside didn't meet my expectations doesn't mean it was any less loved, I'm sure.

This was the extent of my picture taking here, but I loved this part and wanted to still show it!


annewithane65 (Kim) said...

I really like the house, too, Anita...what a darling front door!

Mrs. G said...

I have absolutely always wanted a rounded front door! I think it stems from reading The Hobbit at an impressionable age :)