Chair Full of Bowlies

Yummy! We had our first bowl of cherries this season. So dee-lish!! They didn't last long, that's for sure.

My Mother's Day fuchsia. It has blooms galore! I actually find fuchsias fun to deadhead.
I think red geraniums are a summer 'must have'.
Our roses are starting to bloom now. Since we didn't plant any of these, it's fun to find out what colors come up.
This rose reminds me of the 'bullet' popsicles I remember buying from the ice cream man as a kid with the orange-red combination. Can't wait to see it in full bloom!

I've spent a large part of my day holding my 6 year old. She has some kind of virus and has lost what little she's had in her tummy several times now! Poor thing... I feel like nothing got done today except a little bit of laundry. I realized while cuddling her how quickly they grow and there will come a day that she'll no longer ask me to hold her. So I'll take advantage of every bit even if she's sick!

Enjoy the little things today and every day! Life is so fleeting....


Kim said...

You make me want to run home & cuddle my baby girl!

annewithane65 (Kim) said...

The cherries look yummy! Your flowers are beautiful, too.

I hope your little one is feeling better.

Mrs. G said...

Hi :)

I've just found your blog via From My Cherry Heart's blog...and I love your photos :)

and I've especially enjoyed all those Home Tour Photos...makes me just want to run out & buy some paint!

Thirty-One Trendy said...

I LOVE your blog and thanks for sharing all the pictures of the historical homes. I've been inspired!

Southern Heart said...

Those cherries look delicious! and your roses and geraniuns are just gorgeous, and that fuchsia!---one of my favorites. I'm sorry about your little one...hope that everyone is well soon!


tina said...

Love the bowl of cherries! There is nothing prettier than a fresh real bowl of cherries! Love it!