These were melt-in-your-mouth yumminess....Mmmmmm


applesonastick said...


If you are interested I can share iwth you my aunts raspberry freezer jam recipe...it is SO good you will sneak in to eat it at 2am.

BTW- I have not forgotten about your blog project, I promise. Soon I hope to have something for you!

Garden_Antqs said...

Hi Anita: thanks for stopping by. I just went through your blog; very pretty pics. I've added you to my favorites. Have a good week!

Sharon said...

The raspberries look yummy and I LOVE that pie plate. Can you still purchase that design do you know? I have always wanted one like that.

anita said...


If it's the little cake pedestal, it originally had a turquoise ribbon in it (I love changing it out!), and it was purchased at Marshall's along with another slightly larger one. I went back for the largest, but someone else had already snapped it up. They will definitely be used over and over - very versatile!