Wall Art

At one time, I had these two pieces in different places. I love both of them! The picture is made to look really old and was given to me by my mom. The old window was from one of our past homes we lived in. I knew I wanted it on a wall somewhere. But individually, each of these things was lacking something. I was moving the picture around to different parts of the house to see if lighting made a difference. When I was in our bedroom, I decided to hold it up against the window on the wall. I liked it! It gives it a 3-D effect or something. It adds to it. What do you think? I didn't realize I didn't have it centered up and down. Oops! Do you think it needs to be?

A picture doesn't do the painting justice. It's a beautiful piece! Thanks, Mom! The stars on each side are just a temporary addition. I was just seeing what they'd look like there.

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Elyse said...

i love the layering. might even be fun to add one more layer and place some wallpaper behind the window. i did that and love it. this is very cool as-is, too. :)