More Barn House

Sweet Sylvi of Little Cottage
She has the most adorable accent, and you couldn't meet a kinder, helpful, more adorable person than her! I will definitely look forward to seeing her at more shows!!! This adorable striped chair came home with me. I only wish I'd grabbed up a few of her beautiful lace and linen pillows, too. Next time. . . My husband even raves about how comfortable it is. Always a plus!More loot. The two cottage pictures were from Sylvi as well. I'll have to post better pictures once I get them hung. There's a cellophane bag full of vintage millinery, a pretty crepe paper flower garland, some vintage silk ribbon and a fun party hat. The piano bench was from Aleta's booth. Her husband was so sweet and helped me load it into the car. What a gentleman! I loved their stuff and would've happily bought more had the pockets been deeper. If you take a peek at this post, you'll see why!
Loved Natalie's booth! Simply beautiful! I bought a set of pale aqua rimmed vintage plates from her. I'll have to take a picture of them. Her husband was a great help, too! I think it's awesome the husband and wife teams that were there working together. What a dream!
I can't tell you how awestruck I was seeing the people whose blogs I've been reading and admiring for quite some time. I felt like I was meeting some very famous people! The real "superstars" in my book. They were all very friendly and so down to earth.

The Queen of Tarte's space. I bought a beautiful pale pink linen apron (that she's known for making) from her. Too sweet!
What a treat to finally see Deb and Bob and the magic they perform.
The Scrabble boards used as place mats. Ingenious is what they are! To see more of their space, click here.
Click here to read the story about their absolutely gorgeous camp they set up for their time at the Barn Sale. Beautiful pictures as well as a hilarious story. I would have been miffed about people helping themselves to my camp, but they handled it with such grace! Love it. . . .
Anyway, I had a fabulous time and cannot wait to go back. I only wish I had a money tree growing in my front yard. Just experiencing a Barn House Show though is well worth it even if you don't have any $$$ to spend.

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Elyse said...

holy guacamole -- look at all of this! how awesome. so glad your brought along the camera!