Look closely. . . .this first picture is when we first moved into our 'new' cottage back in February. See how small the plants around the porch are?

Now look at this picture taken here in July. See the growth?
It just amazes me how fast everything grew up! I love the cottage flowers. Don't ask me what they're called - my husband is the landscaper, not me! Although he didn't put these in. 'Cause he tells me all the time how much he dislikes the lava rock! If we buy this little house, that's the first thing coming out! Oh, and we'd add a cute little picket fence and a few other things to cutesy it up even more! He just pruned the really tall bush so it doesn't hide the porch. Looks much better!

Are you still enjoying your gardens? We're missing our vegetable garden this year! However, this little yard is easy-peasy to keep maintained. And for a super busy landscaper, that's just wonderful!

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Cheryl Carey Bass said...

Wow! That's amazing growth. I love your cute house. I wonder what you're doing with it inside??? Maybe you'll get back to posting again. But only if you feel like it. There shouldn't be a blogligation. :)