A Tapestry

Isn't it beautiful? It's almost 5 feet long.

I'd love to know the origin of it. It was really inexpensive at one of my favorite shops. In fact, I don't think they could have framed it for the price I paid. I would have expected it to at least be double the $$$.

It's much more beautiful in person. It has the faintest pinks and blues and greens in it. I think if I were to paint the wall the Prussian Blue I showed here, it would add so much more to it. Some winterizing around the house. Love the Wendy Addison glass glitter snowflakes. They've tarnished a bit now and add that "just right, vintage patina". All that dark wood - if only I could paint it a beautiful shade of white! Then my browns and gilded pieces would be so much prettier. Someday....(can't come soon enough!)

The last time I went to visit my Mom, she gave me these adorable (perfect shade of blue) ducks. I added a little glitter pick around their necks for some holiday bling. They are in front of a mirror so it looks like more than just the two of them. They currently reside on the top of our built-in hutch (another piece of dark wood I'd love to paint white).

Here's a view of our massive fireplace mantle. It's at least two feet deep by six feet wide and stands shoulder height (yup, I'd love to paint it white, too!). I'm wanting to paint the green walls a creamy shade of white or the Prussian Blue now.
The huge Tiffany glitter wreath I picked up at Lowe's on 50% clearance. Pictures don't do it justice! It's beautiful and fits in with the Wendy Addison snowflakes and "Winter Dreams" garland. I picked up the clear glass candle holders piece by piece from thrift stores and a few I had on hand already. With the clear twinkle lights in back and lit up at night, they glow so prettily.
I kept things in the house very simple for the most part this year.
I'm headed outside with the kids now to enjoy our Winter Wonderland! School has been cancelled so we're going to enjoy every minute of it. Then I have to get down to business and straighten up the house a bit for company tomorrow night.


Lady of the Mote said...

wow the tapestry is lovely!

Jen said...

Everything is so gorgeous! Merry Christmas!

Miss Janice said...

Love that tapestry...it so beautiful. That view of your yard is just like a picture! Enjoy the winter wonderland...it's 70 degress right now in South Florida.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Anita, I know what you mean about wanting to paint everything white. When I discovered the beautiful Dutch blogs where everything is painted white in the room, I wanted to do that too! I am drawn to things like that tapestry too! Wouldn't it be great to know it's history?! I hoope you and your family have a most wonderful and blessed Christmas. Twyla

texasdaisey said...

I love all the cool frosty colors. So pretty & the view of your yard is beautiful. Wish we had some snow down here in Texas.