Sadly Neglected

This poor blog has been sorely neglected. Now that the kids are back in school (yay!) I hope to do some catching up.

We spent Labor Day driving down to Oregon to see Multnomah Falls. It was my third time, my husband's first (he grew up here in the Pacific NW). If you're ever in the area, it's a beautiful place to visit, just not on a holiday! It was rather crowded and parking was horrid.

We walked/hiked the short distance (0.2 mi) up to the bridge above the lower falls. The bottom picture is looking down from there. Did I ever mention that I'm afraid of heights? So standing so close to the side to take this picture was a feat in itself! **shiver** And then noticing a chunk on one of the posts of the bridge was missing...ugh. I wanted to faint.
For dinner, we decided to take the kids to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Portland. Yummy! For some reason, pasta is one thing that the whole family can agree on liking.
Happy Thursday!


Adrienne said...

So glad you could visit Multnomah Falls and the Old Spaghetti Factory. Both are nearly in my back yard! Recently I shared about a trip to Multnomah Falls and points beyond with family from out of state. It's such a beautiful part of God's creation. We will return next week with more out-of-state family. Your pictures are beautiful. It's amazing that yours look so much like mine - we must have the same 'eye' for things. I leaned out over the bridge to take a picture DOWN at the top of the lower cascade of water. My fear was that I would drop my camera! Unfortunately the picture didn't turn out to be much of anything. It made no sense at all - even to me who was there, seeing it firsthand. Please come back again and visit our area. ~Adrienne~

LivingTheLife said...

Welcome have been missed. Love the pictures of the refreshing and cool looking...well at least in the can imagine. I'm a tad "weak knee'd" when it comes to certain heights...going up and not looking down...I'm usually ok...but it's when I have to get close to the edge and look down...I get a little "skiddish"...Glad you had a great time...and yes...crowded parking lots...why must everyone go where we want to go...what's up with that?? lol


Apples On A Stick said...

I Love M.F., I've only managed to hike all the way to the top once! It is so pretty there! The spaghetti factory, it seems we eat there every time we are in town too! Wish they had them here!

Kim from "HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

Hi Anita, welcome back...I've missed you and your posts!

Great pictures...the falls in beautiful.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Life gets busy, but you've been missed!

Robyn said...

Welcome back and can't wait to see your blog daily! Lovely photos by the way!