Littles Unveiled

I know I've kept you in suspense long enough. It was overcast and too dark inside the house to take pictures, so these are taken on the front porch. I don't have any "box rooms" or a dollhouse put together, yet. It would be even more fun to show you these displayed and set up in their appropriate places. Oh well....they're still the most adorable littles ever!! I wonder what people thought as they drove by, seeing me kneeling on the front porch taking pictures. Hmmm....let them wonder, I say!

This first one is a sweet and tiny quilt by Amy W. I want one for my bed now!

Don't you just love this cupboard by Amy P! The paper that was used in the back is so pretty. And a beautiful potted tree.

Wouldn't you love to curl up with a newspaper and this cozy hand crocheted blanket? I would.'s cold outside this morning! I needed this Jennifer.

Next, we have a fun bulletin/idea board, a diary to write down those most inner thoughts and dreams, and a cute little broom to sweep away the cobwebs! And the itty, bitty, teeny, tiny pencils - too adorable, Karen G!
Who doesn't love picnics, especially in the fall? A pretty little tote, a bottle of the most delicious strawberry soda, a checkered tablecloth, matching napkins, place mats, and dishes. An umbrella so our faces won't freckle (too late!) or to keep the rain off us (here in WA), and the cutest little book -
One Hundred Hungry Ants. So cute, Karen C.!

Nursery accessories by Lisa. Isn't this the cutest rocking horse? Complete with fuzzy tail and mane. Building blocks with the letters CLH (Club Little House) and a reversible bib. Just noticed I forgot to take a picture of the cute little banner that matches.

I have everything a little kitty could ever need including kitty litter! All I'm missing is the kitty. Guess what I'm on the lookout for, Keri?

The most precious rug ever!! How clever to use the Club Little House logo. And now I have a matching button proclaiming me to be a member. I feel so official, June!

I know everything is adorable, but how precious is this tiny cake from the Club Little House Bakery??? I love it Chelle! It even has the most amazing little red cake stand. It's something I'd love to have in my kitchen right now. And the box - just perfect!
Miss Amy, the Queen of Littles, sent everyone in this go-round the most amazing, tiny stack of mail and a tiny 1x1 box. Notice the Inspire Co. tape around it? It's an exact replica of the tape she uses on boxes she sends from her shop. I know, because I've ordered from her before. Now that's attention to detail! I just realized that I don't have a picture of the cutest little surprise inside. I didn't realize it had something inside it until I started reading some other blogs. Uh-oh! What a delight to know I wasn't done! How could I have missed something like that?? That Amy! I feel like it's Christmas and who am I to be the recipient of such special things?!?
Don't you just adore the tiny crates of peaches and this bottle of cream to go with it?! I do for sure! Thanks Bonni!
And this last, but not least, amazing little! I can't believe how 'outside' the box these ladies thought. A canoe and fishing pole with a fish already caught.
And a name for the canoe - The Pearl. I bet Crystal named each and every one of them something different!
Each little I received had it's own special details and I know there was so much thought and love put into the making of them! Thank you, thank you to each one of you Club Little House members for all your hard work! I love it all and can't wait for the next time!! A special thank you to Amy and her elves who put so much time, effort, and love into organizing and putting it together.


Becka said...

I don't have a doll house, but I know sweet little doll house things when I see them. Oh so sweet.

Robyn said...

OH aren't those precious!

Jen said...

Oh, I love it all! I want a dollhouse desperately and this didn't help! I keep hoping I'll happen upon one at a garage sale. Now I'm making it my mission.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

All of those things are so lovely! I didn't realize "little" things would be so cute and creative!

moderncountry said...

Hi Anita!
Thank you for stopping by and leaving me sweet words :) Makes my days so much more fun you know! You have a lovely and colourful blog! Enjoy a creative weekend, Aina x