Here we go!

Wow! I've been a blog reader for almost a year now and have completely procrastinated starting my own. I feel like I don't have anything to offer anyone when I read and look at everyone else's inspiring blogs. I do want to give this a try, though.

I love seeing the connections being made amongst bloggers and enjoy discovering bloggers in my area. It amazes me and makes it feel like I have more in common with them, and I realize once again how small this world really can be!

Here are a couple pictures of our side porch that I just arranged yesterday to cozy it up a bit. After all, it's where I enjoy sitting to read your blogs!
Happy Monday, and I hope to get more organized with my posts as I begin to figure it all out (such as putting my pictures where I really want them, adding links, etc)!!


annewithane65 (Kim) said...

Dear Anita, First off, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. You will love it and you will find things to blog about. Believe me I didn't think I had anything to contribute and I always find something to blog about.

The pictures of your porch and just lovely and inviting. I can imagine myself sitting there with you!

Your flowers are just beautiful. The weather here in Southwestern Pa has finally turned nice (we've been in the 70's) so hopefully flower planting time will be soon!

~* God Bless *~

annewithane65 (Kim) said...

Ooops... meant to say the pictures of your porch "are" just lovely and inviting. I tend to get ahead of myself and don't often proofread!

Carol said...

Hi Anita! Nice to meet you! Welcome to the blogging neighborhood! Thank you for the kind comment you've left on my blog! If I judge from the pictures you've posted today I think you have a lot to show and share! I love the white shelf and all your sings and letters and your porch! I'm sure you'll make lot's of connections with other bloggers! Best is to enter swaps, I tell you swaps are addicting and you make friends and find some amazing people in blogland! Enjoy! Read you! Carol x
P.S. I'd would be great if you could write a bit of you and in which Country/City you live in your profile so that people get to know you better!

Cherub*Kisses said...

Hi :)
I just found your blog!! I had to start from the beginning ... I will definitely be visiting again :))

Have a wonderfully blessed day!