Cupcake Swap

I am a huge fan of bloggers who post frequently (not that I don't enjoy others) and have made a resolution to try to do so myself.

A lot of yesterday was spent on a quest to find cupcake themed items for a swap I'm doing. I signed up for it at the last minute (and would put a link to it, but haven't figured that one out yet) and so I'm trying to make up for lost time! It's my first swap and therefore exciting, but worrisome. I want so much for the recipient to love what I send! So with that in mind, I feel like what I've found so far is something I'd love to receive from a swap partner. I took pictures this morning, but can't post them yet in case she comes a-lookin'. Well, except the ones of the ric-rac.

I found this lovely vintage ric-rac at an antique store a while back. I feel so lucky! Isn't it so sweet??? It was extremely hard for me to open the package, but with 36 yards of it, I ought to not be so stingy! And it will go so well with what I'm putting together. You'll see in a few days... There's a teaser to the right in the top photo.

Oh yes...did you realize how hard it is to find cupcake things when you are looking specifically for them? I thought it'd be easy, but every place I went yesterday when sales clerks asked me if they could help me, noone had cupcake items! Hmmm...guess it makes the search more fun, but I'm on a deadline here!

I'm out on the side porch listening to the sweet sounds of toes are a wee bit cold, though. Happy Wednesday!

PS Thank you dear ones who have left me welcoming thoughts and comments. Now I know someone is reading me!


annewithane65 (Kim) said...

I am so anxious to see your pictures whenever you are able to post them!

Cindy @ My Romantic Home said...

Hi Anita, thanks for your comment on my blog. My dad made that birdhouse table for me in the early 1990s. I can see you are off to a great start with your new blog. I can tell it's going to great just by your first 3 posts! Love that ric-rac.