Gardening and Such

I have so many little baskets, pails, and pots just waiting for some pretty plants. Here is one I found this week at a local antique store/cafe. Ignore the dirt. I've not cleaned it up, yet. You'd think being married to a professional landscaper, these baskets, pails and pots would be brimming with luscious plant life! Well...they're not, but I'm trying to change that!

As a native Arizonan, I never learned to garden much. Anything we attempted to grow was fried to a crisp no matter how much we tried keeping it watered. Or else the ground was too hard. So I never found myself getting too interested until I married my husband and moved to the gorgeous Pacific Northwest! I'm constantly picking my husband's brain - I'm sure it drives him nuts, but he sweetly obliges. I'm just wishing for a little more sunshine to get me motivated.

I'm still working on my blog header. Thanks for every one's sweet comments and help.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend - be it working on projects, finding a flea market or garage sale to rummage through, gardening or anything else. We are trying to wrap up working on our kitchen. My father-in-law is also coming over to help us plow up our garden so we can plant it. So much fun deciding what to put in it. It'll be huge! (At least to my AZ standards)


Niesz Vintage Home said...

I really like the header!
It reminds me of the hand painted slate tiles.

I haven't figured out the whole "header" thing yet. :(
Add that to the (long) list of computer stuff I need to learn. LOL


a bit of pink heaven said...

I have tagged you for some fun. Go to my blog to find out!