This is the cutest little apron! It's even sweeter in person because it's actually more of a toddler size. It's made from a vintage tablecloth and was found on etsy.


Lisa said...

Hey Anita,
Thanks for stoppin by the ol blog!
Its kind of neat that we have connected this way, from here to the g and g show waaay back. That was an adventure..all of the hauling, my goodness. It was good for business, though.

That curvy green armoire is living out at Ocean Shores with a very nice family that loved it as much as you did. Sorry, cannot get any more of those. The gal that was importing them went a different direction and purchased a ton of asian influence pieces that went very bad on her.(made with too much wet wood) cracked and warped, ect. She unfortunately had to file bankruptcy to save herself. SOOOO sad because she really did a fantastic job and her pieces were very well loved.
Anyway, rambling on and on..
We will be opening soon, with a gi gantic sale to end all sales.. lots of stuff to get RID of.
Keep checking back, Think it would be around the first of the Month (june) or so..
Thanks again--
coastal nest

Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh I love vintage aprons. I collect them. This one is darling.

Hey, stop by my blog and check out the give away I'm having.


Betty Jo said...

That is totally adorable! Your blog is too!! xoxo